Tinte para zapatos de ante mercadona

Tinte para zapatos de ante mercadona

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The decision adopted by MERCADONA will mean an increase of up to two euro cents in the prices received by farmers who deliver milk to the inter-suppliers of this distribution center.    The increase will be aimed at those livestock farms that are currently experiencing the worst economic difficulties and will be effective in the settlements for the month of September.
At the moment, there are around 3,100 livestock farmers who supply milk to MERCADONA through its inter-suppliers Covap, Iparlat, Lactiber, Entrepinares, Quesería Lafuente, Postres Lácteos Romar and Schreiber.
In the same line, another important distribution center, EROSKI, has also announced increases of two cents in the price of milk. For their part, some industries have already begun to announce price increases at origin for next month, and at the same time they will withdraw the contracts with lower prices that they had planned to present to farmers.
All these initiatives that are beginning to emerge, and that from ASAJA we trust that they will be generalized between the distribution and the industry, are the result of the pre-agreement reached last week, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, between the industries, grouped in FENIL, the distribution, represented in ANGED, ASEDAS and ACES and the representatives of the farmers, represented by ASAJA (it must be remembered that the other two national agricultural organizations were reluctant to sign the agreement).

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