Taurus mycook touch vs thermomix tm6

Taurus mycook touch vs thermomix tm6

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Indica la capacidad del recipiente principal del robot de cocina, medida en litros (L).Un recipiente de mayor capacidad instalado en su robot de cocina significa que se puede procesar y mezclar una mayor cantidad de ingredientes a la vez, lo que significa que el robot es más eficiente y puede utilizarse para tareas de cocina más grandes.
La función de “pulso” es la que enciende el robot de cocina repetidamente durante intervalos muy cortos. La función de pulso es muy útil para reducir la sopa y terminar las tareas de mezcla.
La función de trituración de hielo indica si el robot de cocina tiene una función específica para triturar hielo.

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Although it is quite a significant difference, the advantage of these robots is to reduce the effort, and time when cooking. Either by cleaning or by the time you gain cooking. In this case, we will talk about food processors.
The two models we compare today, the Thermomix M6 and the Taurus My Cook Touch, are the best we have found. If you are interested in what you have read so far just keep reading this Taurus Mycook Touch vs Thermomix comparison.
You can also find its “vacuum” system, making you an expert at cooking meat or fish. The method used by this robot is the “resistance” heating method. In addition, you can ferment and prepare your homemade probiotic yogurt with this method. Its price is the highest in the market, although we must qualify, since the other model that we will analyze varies its price very often.
The Thermomix has a pre-wash system, so you can dedicate more time to what you like and become an expert in the kitchen in a very easy way. To this, you can add the rice cooking system and the “thickening” program. You can prepare delicious, creamy and sophisticated sauces, such as hollandaise or bearnaise, without complications and with a guarantee of success!

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View product on Amazon With this food processor you can greatly simplify the process in the kitchen, as it will chop for you, knead, grind and much more. You will be able to prepare everything from meats, rice, to stir-fries and desserts. This model offers a cooking range from 40° to 120°, has 10 speeds and a maximum capacity of 2 liters, enough for up to 8 diners.with the purchase of the Taurus Mycook Touch you will get a physical recipe book of 250 recipes. Among the accessories included in this appliance you will find a steamer, a mixing paddle, a spatula, a measuring cup and a strainer basket. You can purchase this food processor for a price of approximately 480 €. Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition

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Which food processor to buy: Thermomix or MyCook? We will analyze and compare the main features of the two current versions of both robots to help you in this decision: Thermomix TM31 and MyCook.
The cooking method is one of the major differences between the two robots. On this point, MyCook has been able to beat Thermomix as its heating method is induction, a more modern and faster method, with a temperature ranging from 40º to 120º. However, Thermomix heats through heating elements, a more traditional and slower method, with a temperature between 37º and 100º. Therefore, we can say that MC heats about 2-4 minutes faster than TMX, always depending on the amount of content to be heated.
We must begin by saying that they are really similar machines, both in features and in their functions and accessories, and therefore, whether we choose one or the other, we will be acquiring a good robot that will help us a lot in the kitchen.